Fleks company has been established in order to actualise steel and insulated steel spirals also take place in domestic and overseas marketing along with 10 years of experience. The first priority of our aim is to share the correct feedback and deadline with all of our bussiness partners and focus on increasing our quality.

Fleks will never give up the working system built on two main values; Customer and Quality. We focus on customer satisfaction. We are very well aware that customers satisfied with our service and products are the major factors that will lead us to the future. We assume that the quality product always brings the right customer, who is looking for quality, to the manufacturer. We have aimed and set our goals to produce such products within the scope of this principle. We are a family with our employees. With the same goals and the one aim, we are committed to be beneficial to our society and our country in all our activities. We support the economy by producing in proportion to our strength. We take the necessary steps to maintain this support for future generations and we never avoid the necessary investments that we are supposed to make.